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ScoopIt is a news service curated by the former Delegate General of EHTTA and former Director of the Institute of Cultural Routes, Mr Michel Thomas-Penette. He scans the news around the spa towns of Europe and collects them into a themed, constantly changing newsletter, full of interesting information on the culture and heritage of the EHTTA members. Please do check in on this service regularly, as it is an amazing resource!

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Press release - Re-election of Mr Corne PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 09:13

Press release - Re-election of Mr Corne


CP Réélection C  Corne

The EHTTA at the European Conference on Tourism:"Sustainable and responsible tourism as a contributor to quality of life" in Budapest PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 May 2011 13:49
The Hungarian Presidency of the EU Council has invited the European Route of Historical Thermal Towns, to the European Conference on Tourism entitled: "Sustainable and responsible tourism as a contributor to quality of life" (, scheduled in Budapest on 12th and 13th May.
The conference will focus on the issue “New tourism products in European Tourism serving quality of life – Health, wellness and medical tourism", including the new European cross-border healthcare directive and the project of the European Route of Historical Thermal Towns.
For the EHTTA association is scheduled a speech of the President Christian Corne.
LES THERMALIES : Le Salon de l’eau e du Bien être PDF Print E-mail

From Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd January 2011

300 exhibitors specialising in Thalassotherapy, Thermalism and Spa Therapy will be on show at the Carrousel du Louvre divided up into 6 theme-based-exhibition-areas to enable you to experience a Health & Well-Being event that is unique in France.

Carousel du Louvre

Du Jeudi 20 au Dimanche 26 Janvier 2011

300 exposants spécialisés dans la Thalassothérapie, le Thermalisme et le Spa seront au Carrousel du Louvre divisé en 6 Pavillons thématiques pour vous faire vivre un événement Santé & Bien-être unique en France.

Carousel du Louvre

Press release of Aldo Licastri Federterme PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 03 November 2010 13:02

The European cultural thermal Routes becomes reality
By Aldo Li Castri

The Council of Europe officially awarded the “European  Route of  Historical and Thermal Towns” with the label of “European Cultural Route”,  on 25th  November 2010 in Vichy; Mr Corne, President of the EHTTA had the honour to receive this important achievement.

The ceremony took place within the “Journées d’ Automne du Thermalisme” with great satisfaction of Mr.CORNE as President of  the  EHTTA,  promoter of the “Journées d’ Automne”, and Deputy Mayor of the city of Vichy.

This event was relevant both for the EHTTA partners and for  the members of the Cultural Route that obtained the label of “European Cultural Route”. The cities involved are: Spa- Belgium, Vichy- France, Bath- United Kingdom , Ourense-Spain,  Chaves- Portugal, Techirghiol-Romania, the Region of Karlovy Vary- Czech Republic, and in Italy Salsomaggiore Terme, Bagni di Lucca and Acqui Terme, that boast the Vice Presidence of the Association with its Major Mr Danilo Rapetti.

From the year 2000, when the “Thermae Europae” Culture Project started, we have come along  the way  up to receive the “European Thermal Route” award, that oblige
the member Towns to comply with 5 fundamental quality requirements:
  1. Demonstrate an heritage of thermal use and tradition of, at least, 150 years old.
  2. Possess a natural supply of thermal mineral water which is managed and monitored to a standard of quality as defined by legally binding regional, national or European statutes.
  3. Having an architectural heritage dated back, at least, to the 19th century, constituted by several buildings connected  to the thermal activity and classified as “National Monument”;
  4. Provide details of other cultural facilities such as; art galleries, museums, theatre, concert hall, opera house, casino, conference and congress facilities.
  5. Offering a prime quality hospitality (through high-end hotels, three stars at least) and having a remarkable number of rooms, suitable for the thermal and touristic function of the town.

And now, what will happen after Vichy?

Once having passed the constituent phase, the Association will focus on the implementation of the networking, the instruments, the initiatives, the good practices, the new routes, the communication, the dialogue (both public and private), the relationships and the collaboration.
“The Association will mainly undertake these fundamental goals- as President CORNE said- such as the recognition of the thermal cities’ specificities, the support to the thermal, architectural and cultural heritage preservation, the development European policies concerning the safeguard and a commitment to increasing awareness about the values of this heritage, on European level, as well as the creation of a European touristic product focused on the historical culture that will be able to produce economic rebounds for the European thermal cities”.

This important stage will also be supported by the Italian thermal system, represented by Federterme which attended the first formal Assembly of the EHTTA in Acqui Terme (on May 2010). Right then the Mayor of Acqui Terme, Mr Rapetti expressed his “satisfaction coming both from the choice of the City as the welcome centre of the event and from the aim and the commitment of  the promotion of  thermalism in an integrated way, with an all-accomplished thermal tourism offer, as the expression of the territory’s identities,  to be inserted into the framework of a strengthened collaboration, also thanks to the new European thermal routes”.

“Networking in order to increase the value of the European cultural thermal heritage and to share projects for the spa and thermal welfare growth will be a new commitment for the European thermal system -  according to - Costanzo Jannotti Pecci, President of  Federterme. Moreover, the European thermal route will be a promotion tool for every single Country as well as to increase the mutual acquaintance and cohesion, with an essential contribution to the consolidation of the common European Home. This commitment is shared not only by the European thermalists but also by the European Commissioner for the Industry and the Enterprise Mr Antonio Tajani, who stated that (Tourism stakeholders’ Summit, Madrid, April 14) “the most important sectors are  thermal and health once, together with the cultural, religious, congressional and sporty tourism as well as the tourism of wine and food and the ecotourism, as all of them are in a growing phase”.
For that reason the thermal towns have an important role, they have to satisfy the needs and the choices of people  looking for a thermal welfare model and tourism in accordance with the economic, social, territorial, environmental and cultural sustainability requirements.

The mark of the European thermal model- highly supported by the EHTTA-  seems to have passed the Mediterranean as it characterized also the 63rd International Scientific Congress of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC) in Hammamet (Tunisia). The Tunisian thermalism will pay attention to the great European heritage, to the scientific culture and to the thermal qualities, with particular regard to France and Italy.

International days of thermalism 16 – 18 November 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 17 October 2011 10:22

Rencontres nationales du Thermalisme - Evian 16 – 18 Novembre 2011

International days of thermalism 16 – 18 November 2011





Monday, 14 February 2011 09:30

2 – 6  March 2011

Pazo de Congresos



Press release of Mr. Corne, E.H.T.T.A. President PDF Print E-mail

La ville de Vichy idéalement située sur les rives de l’Allier a été choisie pour accueillir les Journées d’Automne du Thermalisme qui se dérouleront les 25 et 26 novembre 2010 au sein du Palais des Congrès Opéra, classé Monument Historique. Soyez persuadé que je me réjouis très sincèrement de ce choix, non seulement en ma qualité de Maire-Adjoint, mais aussi en tant que Président de la Fédération Thermale et Climatique Française.

Cette manifestation, initialement organisée pour les instances du thermalisme français, a été élargie aux membres de l’Association Européenne des Villes Thermales Historiques (E.H.T.T.A.). Cette association que j’ai également l’honneur de présider, a pour principaux objectifs : la reconnaissance de la spécificité des villes thermales, l’encouragement à sauvegarder le patrimoine thermal, architectural et culturel, la mise en œuvre au niveau de l’Union Européenne des politiques de protection de ce patrimoine ainsi que des campagnes de sensibilisation, et la construction d’un produit touristique européen axé sur cette culture historique qui permette de générer des retombées économiques pour les villes thermales européennes.
L’une des missions de ce réseau européen est déjà remplie puisque le Conseil de l’Europe nous a accordé, en mai 2010, le label d’Itinéraire culturel européen. Ce label nous sera officiellement décerné au cours d’une cérémonie qui précédera le dîner de gala du Jeudi 25 novembre.

Ces Rencontres d’Automne nous réservent encore d’autres surprises, et non des moindres… puisque notre homologue italienne, la FEDERTERME nous a fait savoir son souhait d’organiser son Assemblée Générale à Vichy. Nous connaissons le travail accompli par cette institution tant en ce qui concerne le thermalisme que le bien-être, mais aussi l’intérêt qu’elle porte aux actions menées par le réseau E.H.T.T.A. Nous sommes non seulement extrêmement honorés de recevoir cette délégation et de la faire participer à nos conférences-débats, mais également très heureux de rencontrer ses représentants et de pouvoir discuter librement de nos différentes pratiques, le tout dans une atmosphère conviviale… je peux vous en assurer.

Alors pour deux jours, Vichy, Reine des Villes d’Eaux, la bien-nommée, pavoisera aux couleurs de l’Italie… Qué viva Italia !

Dr Christian CORNE
Président de la F.T.C.F.
Président d’E.H.T.T.A.
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