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Situated at 1.050 m. above the sea level, in the valley of the Upper Dordogne, in the heart of the natural park of the Auvergne volcanoes, at the foot of the Puy de Sancy (1886 m), Le Mont-Dore, 1.421 inhabitants, is certainly the most mountainous spa town in the Auvergne region.

The hot waters thermal healing properties of Mont-Dore have been known since ancient times. Neglected in the Middle Ages, the healing waters raised a renewed interest in the eighteenth century and especially the nineteenth century, from 1815. Certainly, the determination and the work of several men, including Michel Bertrand, Water Inspector in Mont-Dore, changed the place that became an international spa town and hosted politicians, artists, members of royal families.
The spa became the heart of the future town of Mont-Dore. Hotels, luxury hotels, casino, buildings, new villas and public buildings were then built.

Le Mont Dore has three tourist seasons:
• Winter: December to April
• Thermal Season: April to October
• Summer Tourism: April to September

Water sources

The thermal waters of Mont-Dore, rich in silica (the richest in France), carbon-gaseous, chloride-sodium bicarbonate, gush out from eight springs at a temperature between 36°C and 44°C. They strengthen the respiratory mucosa that inhibit the diffusion of allergens and stimulate the immune system permanently. These spas also have a soothing and relaxing effect on pain. The thermal gases improve peripheral blood circulation. 

Spa waters are used in the treatment of the breathing apparatus diseases, as follows:
-    hydropinics therapy
-    nose and throat irrigations
-    humage (therapeutic treatment based on inhalation of gases of the thermal waters)
-    nebulizations
-    aerosol
-    inhalations
-    pharyngeal showers
-    nose showers with gas
-    Proëtz method 
-    collective inhalations
-    collective aerosol 
-    baths
-    jet showers
-    steam showers
-    breathing rehabilitation
These spa treatments can be completed with a "breathing" workshop, free for spa guests. 

To relieve pain permanently, the spa uses the thermal waters for hydropinics treatments, baths with showers and pool immersion, baths with underwater showers, jet showers, Vichy showers, steam showers, steam rooms,  mobilization swimming pool, showers under pool immersion and, if necessary, subcutaneous injections of thermal gas. These spa treatments can be completed with an "ergonomic"workshop, free for spa guests. 


The Spa also offers various packages including fitness massages, hammam and jet swimming pools. 

Facts and figures

Le Mont-Dore :
  • with its 9985 tourist beds covers the 20% of tourism in the Massif du Sancy (Massif du Sancy represents 50% of the offer of the Puy de Dome and 25% of the offer of the Auvergne)
  • Over 700.000 tourist stays per year
  • Nearly 110.000 skiers per year, i.e. 150 000 days of skiing
  • More than 7.000 spa guests in 2010 and 25% increase for fitness
Key features of the current development of Mont-Dore:
  • Important public investments that have brought a new confidence: ski lifts, artificial snow, leisure services for tourists
  • Tourism renewal: modernization of the accommodation system by the actual investors and new ones (a 4 * hotel, a resort under construction, a 3 * residence, 89 apartments and 80 hotel rooms)
  • How to reach Mont Dore
- From the A89: less than 3h30 from Bordeaux and direct access to the Paris region and the central region
- By the A75 motorway from Montpellier 

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