A.N.CO.T. - Italy


A.N.CO.T. (Italian Thermal Municipalities Association) – is a non-profit association, whose members are thermal municipalities
A.N.CO.T., founded in 1989 by the most important Italian Thermal Municipalities, such as Chianciano Terme, Montecatini Terme and Salsomaggiore Terme, today includes 46 Municipalities partners, (ref. www.comunitermali-ancot.it). Some of its members are already involved in E.H.T.T.A.  -Acqui Terme, Fiuggi, Montecatini Terme and Salsomaggiore Terme.
The registered Office is c/o Municipality of Chianciano Terme
Specific objectives that A.N.CO.T promotes are the following:

  • Valorisation and preservation of thermal cultural heritage in Europe;
  • Reinforcing co-operation between spa towns and spas at trans-European level, and exchange of experiences and good practices between the local authorities and/or cultural and socio-economic operators of spa towns;
  • Encouraging, promoting, completing and developing research, analyses, studies and statistics in the spa sector;
  • To cooperate with European institutions in supporting international policies regarding spas.

In addition, other criterias would be supported in relationship of future cooperation between ANCOT and EHTTA:

  • They have been acknowledged as  “spa towns” since their foundation, having historically deployed activities linked to water cures with its effects on the development of the town, its architecture, tourism and cultural and socioeconomic initiatives. The water cures in question are linked to the exploitation of spa and mineral waters;
  • They have an architectural thermal heritage dating at least the XIX century, including one or more buildings (related to spa culture) classified as Historical Monuments;
  • They have a tradition of entertainment / cultural activities: theatre, casino, concerts, etc..
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