Loutra Pozar - Greece


Loutra Pozar, in the North of Greece, is just 100km from Thessaloniki and close to the Municipality of Almopia.  Located within a stunning natural backdrop of forest, perfect for walking, Loutra Pozar has plenty of outdoor pools - one fed by a waterfall from a small thermal lake - and many private  indoor pools for treatments and bathing.  

Historical background

Hydrotherapy is believed to have been practiced in Almopia since antiquity. The history of hydrotherapy in Loutra started to be developed during the early decades of 20th century, after the town's  liberation in 1913. The Hotel Avra –built in 1924- hosted numerous visitors with health issues that were attracted by the soft climate and the curative abilities of the hot water. When the tourism started to grow in Greece,  in the middle of the 1950’s, the Thermal Town started to develop and attract more visitors. The history of Loutra is not as long as in other European thermal Towns but it is of great significance since it is directly linked to the history of the development of the wider area of Almopia. It is also an indicative example of a Greek Thermal Town that is hardly related with any form of urbanity. On the contrary, it is located in an impressive natural landscape embracing the connection between hydrotherapy and its earth origins.

Water sources

The Thermal Town of Loutra is located in the western part of the Municipality of Almopia, in the foot of Voras mountain, inside a natural canyon that is crossed by the Thermopotamos river. The hot water (37oC) has been gushing over for thousands of years creating a stunning landscape of mountains and forests.


Spa water composition: potassium, sodium, lithium, manganese, magnesium, silicon, fluorine, iron
Therapeutic indications:  rheumatic diseases, afflictions of the respiratory, sciatica, bachache, diseases of the nervous system, dermatological and gynecological diseases, injuries,sprain, fractures

Spa and treatments

The bath facilities are organized in a spa environment which is open throughout the year. In the area around the baths, there are hotels, swimming pools, steam baths, artificial waterfalls, relaxation and beauty center, restaurants and cafes, folk museum, caves.

Indoor pools and hamam: walking into the interior of loutropoli there is the Alexandrio Hydrotherapy which has 11 private swimming pools with artificial waterfalls. There the visitor can also find the information center. Located on the same road, there is also the first working hydrotherapy spa, which is comprised of 48 individual baths, 2 indoor pools and 2 small hamam

Waterfalls and outdoor pools: there is also a small 20m natural waterfall forms a small thermal lake and an open swimming pool at Olympian dimensions which both work throughout the year.

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