Since ancient times, people have been drawn to the hot mineral springs, the healing waters which are at the heart of Europe's spa towns. These places - with their unique urban personalities and a long tradition of welcoming guests - have been centres of health and well-being for centuries, shaping a spa culture that is a unique part of European heritage.
The European Route of Historic Thermal Towns is a cultural route certified by the Council of Europe, an international network of sustainable tourist destinations, all rich in history and cultural heritage, that use their thermal mineral waters for health and well-being. The Route is managed by the EHTTA , an international non-profit association representing over 40 towns and territories across Europe.

The Cafés of Europe

International debates meets artistic collaborations to discuss and explore the future and challeges of themal towns in the 21st century.

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Every 22nd March in connection with the World Water Day

A day to celebrate our sources, with special events on which everybody can enjoy thermal water in all its forms!

Understanding and protecting Europe's thermal heritage

A compendium of essential data, built into an open GIS, on the natural, tangible and intangible elements that constitute this phenomenom.



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