EHTTA’s 3rd Annual European Thermal Heritage Day

European Thermal
Heritage Day
16th October 2020
in Baden-Baden
The European Thermal Heritage Day is an annual event established by EHTTA's Scientific Committee in 2018 as a celebration of European thermal heritage and an opportunity to raise awareness of the subject that is at the heart of the Association and its objectives. It is regarded as an example of best practice by the European Institute of Cultural Routes, and won an award in 2019 for the concept.

EHTTA believes that thermal heritage represents a very particular European phenomenon, which includes natural, cultural, and intangible resources. The concept of thermal heritage is used to promote health and wellbeing, to create original tourism destinations, and to protect magnificent cultural landscapes. European Thermal Heritage Day highlights the importance of thermal heritage as a centuries-old Europe-wide tradition, and to gain recognition and awareness of issues that affect the future of this valuable heritage.

In 2018, the first European Thermal Heritage Day coincided with the 100th Anniversary of the opening of the Hotel Gellert in Budapest, and was a study of “Thermal Tourism and Spa Heritage in Europe”. Last year in Spa, the focus was on the word “Spa” as a concept that needs to be redefined. This year, the discussion will focus on “Thermal Architecture”.

In 2020, European Thermal Heritage Day will be hosted by the city of Baden-Baden in Germany, and will look at the subject of Thermal Architecture in all its forms - spa towns have a very particular urban form, which is a result of not only the magnificent bathing temples and imposing pump rooms or trainkhalle, that are at the heart of all thermal towns, but also the residential villas and buildings designed for leisure and entertainment, such as casinos, assembly rooms, theatres, concert halls and art galleries, all set around formal parks and gardens and within a wider "therapeutic landscape". As one of the "Great Spas of Europe", where the urban form of thermal towns has been studied in great depth, and with some magnificent examples of thermal architecture for delegates to visit, Baden-Baden is the perfect location for this year's European Thermal Heritage Day.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding future travel restrictions as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and potential "second waves". we are working on preparing both a physical and virtual event. - if you wish to be invited to the physical event, or to register for the virtual event please email us via Further details and relevant links will be posted here closer to the event, when arrangements are more certain. Thank you for your understanding at this time!