Galaalti (Azerbaijan)

January 15, 2018

An unexpected haven within the Land of Fire, the thermal resort of Galaalti is set in a region rich in mineral waters, mud volcanoes and oil; built in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus mountains and not far away from the Caspian sea.

The name of Galaalti tells us about its geographical location - underneath a fortress,referring to Chyraggala, a castle from the Early Middle Ages, part of the line of the Caspian defense zone. The resort is not far from the city of Shabran, formerly known as Devichi (which translates "the person who leads the camel").Devichi was once a stopping place for large caravans, but these days the semi-desert terrain is to more "nodding donkeys" (oil derricks) than camels.

Located only 122 km from Azeribajan's capital Baku, the Qalaaalti Resort is a distinguised spa and medical complex, fully equipped with the latest technology, restaurants, pools, and everything needed for a comfortable stay. Here you may discove the world-unique Naftsu waters, linked to the oil deposits: low in minerals but high in organic compounds, their very complex structure provides plenty of therapeutic benefits.


Qalaalti Spa Resort


The grand watch tower of Chirag Gala, up in the mountains of the Guba forest and very close to the resort, dominates the landscape in the area. It was built in the 5th century under the Persian Sassanid Empire and was a key part of the Chyraggala castle, securing this important passage betweeen the Caspian sea and the Caucasus Mountains that connected Azerbaijan to the north countries, also very close to the famous Silk Road.Due to its strategic location, the history of the area under the tower, Devichi, is connected to the caravan roads, a popular stopping place and an important market.

The tower is just a part of the ancient Chyraggala fortress, one of the Gilgilchai Defensive Structures protecting the Caspian coastline of Azerbaijan, nominated by UNESCO for the inclusion in the list of World Legacy Monuments. Archeological works revealed that Gilgilchai Defensive Construction was built in ancient times, moer than thwo thousands years ago, and it was constantly reinforced and fortified throughout history. The wall originates in the very sea and extends many kilometers, rising to mountains: the magnitude of the construction and its defensive significance make them a rival of the famous Great Wall in China.

The history of the Qalaalti resort is linked to the discovey of the Nafstu (menaning "oil-bearing) springs in1968, in the woordlands near to Shabran. Due to political and economic upheaval of the country, the resort was not fully developed until more recently.

Besides its cutting-edge architectural style and luxury facilities, the true gem of Galaalti are its unique Naftsu waters, a true elixir of youth born close to the oil deposits of the region

Naftsu is the only medicinal water in the world with the raised content of organic substances of an oil origin; such as ether-soluble organic compounds, phenols containing Hydrocarbons,volatile organic acids and hummus. Strong in both taste and smell, it can only be drunk at the source, as the water doesn't travel or store well because of the many organic substances in suspension.

The waters are low in minerals (0,78 g/l) but high in organic compounds (8,35-23,8 mg/l), and have a very complex structure, providing them with a high physiological impact on human body. They are thought to prevent early aging, reduce inflammation and re-balance metabolism,have an alkalizing effect on blood and urine and reduce the acidity of gastric juices. Their main use is in the treatment of urolithiasis and to reduce and prevent the formation of kidney and gall-bladder stones.

Galaalti's sanatorium complex is distinguished from other hotels and sanatorias of Azerbaijan by its modernity and comfort.It is home to a leisure spa and a medical spa, along with the Chirag Centre, fully equippped with the latest technology.

The various improving and all-strengthening programs on offer promote improvement of health and an increase of life expectancy.

The resort host a restaurant with a summer terrace, where clients are offered special menus made according to recommendations of the dietitian as well as dishes from Azerbaijani and European cuisines

Main Springs


Earliest known use of springs:


Hottest Spring

17 ºC

Chemical Elements

ether-soluble organic compounds, carbonic acids, hydogen, sulfide, chlorine, sodium, potassium, iron, copper