Invisible Cities (Part 2)
The Artists

March 26, 2018

Yann Minh

Multimedia and Transmedia artist

Born in 1957, Yann Minh describes himself as a "Noonaute" a noosphere explorer.

He brought many art works from his "noopérégrinations", including an immersive multimedia installation "Media ØØØ" (1983) which describes a virtual world and was shown in Paris, at the Museum of Modern Art Georges Pompidou.

His 30 years of NooExplorations, art works, video art and computer graphic movies are centered around cyberculture, cyberspace, Science-Fiction, persistent worlds, eroticism and BDSM. As well as multimedia museographies, TV documentaries, websites, real time or precomputed interactive 3D for Websites. Yann Minh has also written a cyberpunk science-fiction novel, published in 1997 by Florent-Massot, describing a cyberspace.

In recent years Yann Minh was very invested in the persistence gaming worlds and the FPS where he is transferring his NooMuseum, an hypermedia net of art galleries.

Digital Travel Diary

Loiez Deniel

Video & Photo Artist

Loiez Déniel lives and works in Auvergne (and sometimes Istanbul). Video maker photographer artist, independent researcher in multimedia integration solutions and operational poetry, he is also president of the International Video Art Festival VIDEOFORMES.