Thermalism at the birth of Modern Tourism

February 5, 2018

How many towns can say that their name has passed into the common language? Spa is one of them, thanks to its spas, of course, but also thanks to prestigious past in which the leaders of this world met and nicknamed it the “Café of Europe”.

Organized by the Tourist Officce of Spa, in Belgium, this Café examined the role that spa towns have played in the development of modern tourism, and their contribution to the development of new forms of slow, eco, wellness and health tourism.

The event and its organisers took into consideration the future orientations for tourism in the European Union, on its wish to promote Destination Europe as a whole and on her desire to anticipate the consequences linked to the « Directive Santé sans Frontières » (Health without borders).


The Salon Santé et Bien-être is an event which aims to catch attention on health, medical approaches and wellness linked to thermal water. A friendly space where exhibitors and visitors meet to exchange tips and tricks on various products and services for wellness, and also a place for conferences, with the presence of relevant professionals.

Charles Gardier,

Vice-Chairman of EHTTA & Spa Tourism Councillor

Mr. Charles Labalue

Honorary General Secretary of the Belgian Thermal Federation

Eric Philippart,

European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry - Deputy Unit Chief

1st round table

History and Development of Tourism

2nd round table

Thermalism, wellness and health

Séverine Philippin

Spa Thermes General Manager

Thermes de Spa: A natural haven for a rejuvenating break

Jean-Benoît Schrans

Spadel Group - Communication Director

Water & Sustainability: When man protects water, water protects man. The public-private partnership that sustainably manages the aquifers. From the spring to your bottle, the magic journey of Spa's natural mineral water. Spadel Group, the last major independent Belgian mineral water producer.
3rd round table

Who is the consumer of tourism services today?

4th round table

Quality in Tourism


Travel Diaries - Photographs - Video

Damien Roudeau

Reporter -Dessinateur - Carnettiste

Damien draws in groups, be it with the inhabitants of an estate in Villiers-le-Bel , in gold mines with journalists from the Argos collective , or in Shandong (China) with The Tribulants. He sometimes also draws cartoon strips of them too!

Loiez Deniel

Video & Photo Artist

Loiez Déniel lives and works in Auvergne (and sometimes Istanbul). Video maker photographer artist, independent researcher in multimedia integration solutions and operational poetry, he is also president of the International Video Art Festival VIDEOFORMES.

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