The Route of Spa Towns in the Massif Central and EHTTA at the 25th Forum of Cultural Routes in Colmar

EHTTA was present at the Council of Europea Annual Advisory Forum of Cultural Routes, held in Colmar, France between 22-23 November 2012. The Forum was attended by around 130 people, representing the 24 certified routes and new projects, member states of the Enlarged Partial Agreement, other international organisations (EU, UNESCO, UNWTO, OECD), NGOs, local and regional authorities, universities and professionals in the cultural tourism sector.

The European Route of Historic Thermal Towns was introduced to the public by the EHTTA delegated, along with the cooperation experience developed by the Route of Spa Towns of Massif Central, EHTTA Associate Member. The network presented also new projects to be developed and participated in the four four workshops on international cooperation, governance, new technologies and methodologies and regional development.

The Forum achieved some great results, which were proposed in a draft “Colmar Declaration” aimed to mark 25 years of existence of the Council of Europe’s cultural routes programme and to set out some clear goals for the future.

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